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does anyone have RSF's stat line from the one season he played div III LAX?    02/23/18  (3)
Vast majority of bible is good advice on avoiding worms.    02/23/18  (2)
We know Christianity makes you happy. Does it also improve life outcomes?    02/23/18  (8)
Have to admit to you guys. You know how you all thought I have BIGCOCK, well...    02/23/18  (38)
Need a link to teen girls discussing their stinky pussies    02/23/18  (9)
Rate this Feynman quote on Einstein and General Relativity    02/23/18  (1)
He killed sixteen Czechoslovakians. The guy was an interior decorator.    02/23/18  (11)
Been having a lot of BASEBALL themed dreams lately    02/23/18  (15)
Bobby Bacala showing up in full-on hunting gear to Junior's house in Pine Barren    02/23/18  (2)
"I could use the hours, at least" muttered the defeated biglaw associate    02/23/18  (5)
depressed xo poster charging into school shooting. no gun    02/23/18  (2)
the hellish dating landscape of the San Francisco Bay Area (WaPo)    02/23/18  (81)
Bros, I really need your help. Should I take this job offer?    02/23/18  (19)
Based on women, we should let Russia take over.    02/23/18  (4)
Getting impatient watching Mueller feast on appetizers    02/23/18  (34)
Picture NYT uses of Evgenia is libel.    02/23/18  (1)
Millenial kids: "Dad! Bobby is othering me!!"    02/23/18  (98)
NRA leader decimates gun grabbing shitlibs at CPAC    02/23/18  (52)
Evgenia vs Alina - 11:32:30 PM ET Tonight. Get Your Hard Penises Ready    02/23/18  (131)
2009 johnsmeyer threads on TLS    02/23/18  (19)
The decadence or the mid-2000s was pretty grotesque in hindsight    02/23/18  (4)
I hate anyone who calls their SO the "love of my life"    02/23/18  (6)
Could Amazon face liability for tagging refunded orders as Verified Purchases?    02/23/18  (31)
No homo, but kids need to be cooler towards each other at school.    02/23/18  (27)
evan spiegel made $638 million in 2017    02/23/18  (7)
Luis sits next to u in plane. Stewardess raises eyebrow. "He's my emotional supp    02/23/18  (1)
Would a 44 yo shrew teacher with a .22 pistol have taken down Cruz?    02/23/18  (5)
Great New Yorker article    02/23/18  (1)
Wilbur you have so much potential and LIFE in you. Get off of this bort.    02/23/18  (4)
Watched Black Panther but on bootleg as to capture the full black experience    02/23/18  (2)
Search "who is this": >90% threads by WLMAS accounts    02/23/18  (18)
Fucking disgusting the way media is slurping US "women's" hockey team rn    02/23/18  (12)
welcome to the desert of the real, evgenia    02/23/18  (8)
Lawyer assaulted for inserting "[sic]" into quote    02/23/18  (5)
Me, fully diapered, handing freddie daffodils    02/23/18  (4)
Chinese just did Jared Kushner a favor: Anbang wanted to invest in 666 5th Ave.    02/23/18  (1)
Platoon of math teachers wearing camo, crawling under barbed wire in training    02/23/18  (1)
Take ketamine kr?    02/23/18  (6)
dating American women summarized in one gif    02/23/18  (5)
Lick msg replacement: "are you a school? because I want to shoot kids in you"    02/23/18  (9)
My neck, my back, fuck my titties just like that (RSF)    02/23/18  (13)
findom videos are basically a microcosm of modern American society    02/23/18  (1)
SMASH MOUTH starts playing as judges annouce Medvedeva's scores    02/23/18  (1)
"the NRA is killing us!!" the shitlennial screeched as zhe ate another tide pod    02/23/18  (9)
EPAH is morphing into WLMAS clone right before our eyes, lol    02/23/18  (1)
*drinks ayahuasca* *smokes toad venom* *eats peyote buttons* *logs into zozo*    02/23/18  (5)
"hi sweetums. want to hop on the sleepytrain with me?"    02/23/18  (3)
everything sucks    02/23/18  (8)
The first minute of this music is 180 - link    02/23/18  (1)
xo doesn't explore this: your DAD judges you based on your sexual selection    02/23/18  (16)
wtf CR-V has a CVT transmission? Oh fo no. Oh fo FUCK no.    02/23/18  (2)
GF has gained like 10-15 lbs in last 2 years, really bothering me    02/23/18  (9)
'Cop' hiding in trashcan like Scooby Doo as your kids get mowed down @ school    02/23/18  (8)
Rate this NOWIG kid busting a move - video    02/23/18  (1)
Explain this new CRV meme    02/23/18  (1)
Mueller flipping through resumes: "George Papa-Papa-Papanotgonnaworkherean
   02/23/18  (31)
"We need new users" *gets 30 new WLMAS alts*    02/23/18  (43)
Rachel Jeantel spotted in a new CR-V    02/23/18  (1)
After high school and college life becomes a living nightmare    02/23/18  (9)
ARE Reptile's secret double life as well-adjusted, funny individual    02/23/18  (8)
rate this quote from nick foles    02/23/18  (26)
Sorry, Collectors, Nobody Wants Your Beanie Babies Anymore    02/23/18  (8)
Reminder: Catholic priests wants to know about EVERY time you've masturbated    02/23/18  (5)
Alpha Chad MO Governor Greitens Indicted on Felony Invasion of Privacy Charges    02/23/18  (5)
rate this albino rapper    02/23/18  (1)
ACP tell us about your bar mitzvah    02/23/18  (19)
*alarm clock goes off* "HAHA", shouts the POWERMELVIN.    02/23/18  (8)
Im honestly surprised this topic hasnt been discussed    02/23/18  (4)
"Jeez mom I've told you 100 times-on XO 'nigger' is an ironic joke" askav lisped    02/23/18  (2)
luis: "What does that mean?" freddie in a diaper: "Rise."    02/23/18  (30)
All fucking weak excu$e$ human race is weak shit    02/23/18  (3)
RATT released their classic album "Invasion of Your Privacy" 33 years ago    02/23/18  (1)
Rate this white mother of two    02/23/18  (7)
both these ussr girls would have 200+ sniper kills if WW3 breaks out    02/23/18  (8)
What men THINK women's value curve looks like across time (DTP)    02/23/18  (18)
Why are there so few attractive WGWBG in MFH?    02/23/18  (2)
diapered tuna mouthing "your bitcoin is worthless" over and over    02/23/18  (13)
Team Evgenia Medvedeva checking in    02/23/18  (11)
women across world: "I don't like ___OAR skater___"    02/23/18  (1)
Hypo: You live as good a life as possible, but after you die, the world becomes    02/23/18  (11)
OAR! OAR! OAR! OAR!!!!    02/23/18  (7)
Did anyone play the Xbox game Kingdom Under Fire: the Crusaders?    02/23/18  (2)
OAR?    02/23/18  (5)
The Princess Diaperies    02/23/18  (3)
Evgenia sitting backstage reading book on Tonya Harding while eyeing Alina's kne    02/23/18  (4)
Do you plan out every possible scenario when you are going to do something?    02/23/18  (5)
looks like somebody beat XO to the dog practicing law thing by 150 years    02/23/18  (2)
embarrassed about my small penis when I shower at the gym    02/22/18  (2)
You bitch but yet claim there$ nothing can be done and there i$ fraud$    02/22/18  (2)
did my undergrad friend *settle* (pic)    02/22/18  (62)
all xo posters are moving to texas now huh?    02/22/18  (4)
Now we just need to win the hockey gold and I'm good    02/22/18  (1)
My liberal arts education allowed me to embrace my small penis    02/22/18  (3)
Thats gold 100 percent    02/22/18  (6)
"Blood & Soil!" screamed Peterman, hurling his diaper at the Mexican truckers    02/22/18  (17)
the legacy of diaper    02/22/18  (22)
The tranny incontinence thing caused me to discover a board dedicated to diaper    02/22/18  (74)
nigger bird messes with chill WASP dog    02/22/18  (1)
*calls in diaper strike*    02/22/18  (13)
Peterman does NOT live in Miami; definitive proof ITT    02/22/18  (3)
Why are we praising Russians? I thought we hated them for hacking our elections?    02/22/18  (2)
But seriously, how the fuck is this a sport?    02/22/18  (4)
Latino here. London and Paris seem like shitholes to me. Too many muslims.    02/22/18  (3)
nude luis    02/22/18  (10)
"hold on - doing the math of what scores to give to make the person we want win    02/22/18  (1)
They should erect a statue of Scot Peterson behind the pillar where he cowered    02/22/18  (5)
damn daddys penis    02/22/18  (2)
"RISTEN!!!!!!" *runs up and down xo banging on pot with a metal spoon*    02/22/18  (2)
So you just have to land a few triple jumps to win a figure skating contest?    02/22/18  (3)
I feel like I just watched Anna Karenina!    02/22/18  (2)
Lowkey tryna pickup shitlennial tindersloots itt    02/22/18  (8)
Worst Roommate Ever    02/22/18  (42)
I imagine a few of you autists have oafish horsecocks lmao    02/22/18  (3)
srsly rach just pull the plug already    02/22/18  (1)
Former judicial clerk. Ask me about how little I did    02/22/18  (46)
Anyone remember that smug faggot "Greetings" tp?    02/22/18  (1)
Coward Florida cop caught standing outside school during shooting    02/22/18  (85)
xo Tennis Crew, ever consider meetup for doubles in MFH? #tennis    02/22/18  (57)
not thrilled that these ussr girls aren't wearing thongs    02/22/18  (2)
Average age of getting married for your hs/college friend group?    02/22/18  (3)
how devastating will this upcoming recession be?    02/22/18  (1)
Desperately need eth bros please Gatormo    02/22/18  (11)
Pics of teens with a face that looks like she's up to no good    02/22/18  (48)
Lets go medvedeva    02/22/18  (1)
evan39 .. let$ li$t all fraud$ that mu$t report to oven$    02/22/18  (15)
Time for the Olympic champ to shine    02/22/18  (2)
can we just cut to the chase and female figure skaters get naked    02/22/18  (3)
Mazzy Star-Fade Into You live on VH1 (Youtube)    02/22/18  (1)
The British really, really hate POTUS Trump    02/22/18  (1)
/**\ /**\ /**\ MEDVEDEVA ON NEXT /**\/**\/**\    02/22/18  (1)
Keto/IF is an easy diet. I just ate two 5 Guys burgers for dinner, lost weight.    02/22/18  (1)
Peterman: please show me your penis, please.    02/22/18  (6)
Share a Coke with MORT KIKENSTEIN    02/22/18  (2)
Has anyone actually ever choked on a dick and died?    02/22/18  (11)
i hate this disgusting old italian skater.    02/22/18  (10)
Latino here. There will be a holocaust on libs if they allow more muslims here    02/22/18  (1)
Does anybody no someone at NASA working on somethin interesting    02/22/18  (2)
The "jumps" in figure skating are stupid    02/22/18  (5)
Ladies free skate is boring    02/22/18  (6)
Title loan frauds, repo shits, banker$ and other frauds report to the ovens    02/22/18  (3)
Bought eggwhites in a milkcarton and a microwaveable omelet maker    02/22/18  (1)
cops rushed into the school right away this time, right?    02/22/18  (5)
so Tara Lipinski and Johnny Queer won the Olympics and are fucking, right?    02/22/18  (4)
Live in Brittania Jeans.    02/22/18  (2)
   02/22/18  (1)
   02/22/18  (4)
haha, wow. holy shit    02/22/18  (3)

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