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STICKY: New account requests   06/13/18  (215)
WHITE PEOPLE literally make "sexism" a crime. Not flame.    07/16/18  (26)
Make daughters live in white poverty, give sons RSF lifestyle?    07/16/18  (3)
great way to stay in shape while living in a van    07/16/18  (3)
Chandler starts trial this week. Who wants to come with me to watch (CSLG)    07/16/18  (49)
T or F: M7 MBA is better exit opps than special forces or CIA    07/16/18  (23)
Oslo Norway Police admit they've lost control of the city (link)    07/16/18  (33)
Its funny that people used to think student loans were a good idea    07/16/18  (15)
im going to beat up nyuug and then im going to cum on him    07/16/18  (2)
Ocasio-Cortez attempts to discuss int'l relations, gets exposed as moron    07/16/18  (9)
Young cosmopolitan women's mothering instinct, redirected at humanitarian concer    07/16/18  (4)
T or F: B-school is the best way to make friends, post-college    07/16/18  (13)
T or F: MBB consulting gives better exit opps than any white collar job    07/16/18  (9)
brunch: all men are such pigs.... lord halford in drag: oh you dont even know...    07/16/18  (2)
T or F: Trump presidency will be more consequential than Reagan's    07/16/18  (8)
Are pepperoni and donuts the 2 most unhealthy foods in existence?    07/16/18  (22)
T or F: Trump's election was the most important since Reagan 1980    07/16/18  (16)
We need to abolish Jus Soli in the US    07/16/18  (15)
How much should 5'10" 5'11" 6" 6'1" 6'2" weigh?    07/16/18  (55)
Reagan expanded the GOP; Trump is shrinking it    07/16/18  (1)
Trumpmos: how worried are you about the midterms?    07/16/18  (31)
ordered some Cheese Pizza from darkweb...    07/16/18  (7)
How is it possible for 30s men/women to date when getting fat/going bald? (DTP)    07/16/18  (69)
explain oh, you travels schtick?    07/16/18  (5)
desperately need an emergent mcdonalds and cigs order ASAP    07/16/18  (13)
Amy Barrett's Hatian kids running 35MPH    07/16/18  (4)
Awesome, high-testosterone alpha STUD taking ?s on being alpha and high-t.    07/16/18  (82)
Asbestos Play    07/16/18  (22)
Color Run Powder is the Asbestos of our Time    07/16/18  (4)
Alpha Tigger poasters styling on beta Eeyore dweebs    07/16/18  (8)
"just keep going; the blood will clot in a few minutes" (peterman)    07/16/18  (2)
Jason Bourne here, looking for info about treadstone and whokebe    07/16/18  (19)
'oye como va' literally means 'hey bros, it's me again' in spanish    07/16/18  (2)
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez discusses Israel/Palestine.    07/16/18  (3)
Uncomfortable truth: Halford tp ruined XO forever    07/16/18  (2)
Planned Parenthood commercial: protect your right to fuck anyone anytime! (Liter    07/16/18  (59)
   07/16/18  (6)
should i kill myself after work tmrw?    07/16/18  (15)
Bump this thread if you admit to ever taking a peak at Granny pr0n    07/16/18  (1)
Lol @ how over-the-top "Irish" Enya's birth name is    07/16/18  (2)
Remember 1+ years ago when libs went to bars to watch Comey's hearing?    07/16/18  (6)
Scary story abt NJ hospital waving Russian agents into US like 3rd base coach    07/16/18  (116)
If Rach said I need money to shut down XO how much could we raise    07/16/18  (2)
Compare and contrast these 2 posters: Consuela and boner police    07/16/18  (19)
i miss her so much    07/16/18  (23)
White Power HVAC, LLC, link the beast site for one second.    07/16/18  (26)
could really use some cocaine right now    07/16/18  (8)
White women with dogs who should be raising my autistic son    07/16/18  (10)
you get a chance to kill one poaster and get away clean. who do you kill?    07/16/18  (142)
If Rach said I need money to keep up XO how much could we raise    07/16/18  (14)
underrated tennis record is pistol's 6 straight wimbys #tennis    07/16/18  (1)
nerd culture is fucking poison    07/16/18  (1)
Most irreplaceable men in history?    07/16/18  (43)
Hey. hey. Hey! Hey! This is law board    07/16/18  (29)
i'm 97% that a friend has discovered a words w/ friends solver and is cheating    07/16/18  (9)
100% sure i know who bloodacre is IRL. Taking questions.    07/16/18  (10)
Stanley Cup champion goalie Ray Emery, drowns to death.    07/16/18  (12)
life is becoming intolerable    07/16/18  (13)
"Not yet Mom, I'm still vanquishing Russian agents on the internet"    07/16/18  (3)
*pisses on cancerpwned actual faggot "Rob Halford" tp's grave"    07/16/18  (1)
I have no idea how people do office work for 40 yrs    07/16/18  (17)
Rate this 30 something shrew in 2016 vs 2018    07/16/18  (17)
did damn daddy retire? it seems he went pumo at least    07/16/18  (3)
I am ready to sweat my fealty to our Russian masters    07/16/18  (18)
* shoots Krampsnacht in the head *    07/16/18  (1)
Ebony and his DTs/ Withdrawing from liquor, ranting about the KGB/ If Trump can    07/16/18  (3)
why do attorneys have to send proposed orders?    07/16/18  (14)
Dems will win 25-30 House seats and 2 Senate seats    07/16/18  (19)
Guy who lives in a PATRIARCHAL SOCIETY here, taking questions.    07/16/18  (71)
5 appointees (Mattis, Coats, Bolton, Rosenstein, Wray) to Trump/Putin: game's up    07/16/18  (28)
Rate Bill Clinton's 1995 SOTU re illegal immigrants    07/16/18  (5)
Most social changes have been driven by increased survival rates of children    07/16/18  (3)
Growing up in a small New England town, 180?    07/16/18  (17)
Remember when libs were decent people?    07/16/18  (36)
That xo poa shotguns ur door: "CROATIAN POTUS BIKINI PICS ARE COCO DID U KNOW TH    07/16/18  (1)
principled nationalist here but Putin needs access to the US nuclear stockpile    07/16/18  (15)
YOU'RE OLD: The Little Mermaid released closer to Snow White than to present day    07/16/18  (6)
Look at this list of real estate agents off to the side...why so many hot women    07/16/18  (27)
Hillary begins speech: "I'm so tired I can barely stand"    07/16/18  (3)
WLMAS let us share a stein of kvass in honor of great country USA    07/16/18  (9)
Killing me won't bring back your goddamn honey    07/16/18  (3)
Hypo: You have a one night stand with a female coworker and get #Metoo'ed    07/16/18  (32)
Breyer to Kavanaugh: "you see, that's who I am, pal - and you're nothing!"    07/16/18  (5)
i choose to rive as a straight white mare    07/16/18  (2)
Mueller handing parts of cases to US Attys Offices, DOJ = not good for Trump    07/16/18  (118)
Scary story abt xo waving in Russian agents like 3rd base coach    07/16/18  (3)
baby goldstein succeeded as a meme bc it reminded us jews will always run shit    07/16/18  (1)
*Kavanaugh trying to negotiate sofa layaway terms with bawling Baby Goldstein*    07/16/18  (4)
When people say they are from the following states, I assume they are smart    07/16/18  (4)
Alice Cooper is 180    07/16/18  (1)
nyuug's theme song: ricky martin's she bangs    07/16/18  (1)
acp and Holdup are like the "Wonder Twins" of extremely shitty poasting    07/16/18  (28)
Hey Ragnus, any updates on your gf's weight / eating habits? (DTP)    07/16/18  (12)
Racist Trumptard in TTT Ohio arrested    07/16/18  (1)
Holdupholdupholdup you are saying goyim poast here? Disgusting!    07/16/18  (4)
10 reasons why the T-34 is the greatest tank of all time (number 4 will shock yo    07/16/18  (5)
russian troll here. why does America still have borders? seems awfully racist    07/16/18  (7)
Kitase: Barret banged Tifa (Link)    07/16/18  (1)
dreading work tomorrow (chandler)    07/16/18  (4)
i exist to make a ton of massive farts    07/16/18  (3)
The naked bodybuilding schtick makes me want to vomit into a toilet    07/16/18  (3)
genius man much nude, small brain man cover self with towel    07/16/18  (14)
180! Hillary Tweet! "Do you know which Team you play for?" ROFL!!!!!    07/16/18  (1)
The most prestigious ESL astroturf discussion board in the world    07/16/18  (8)
Trends in Obesity Among U.S. Adults (1993 > 2016)    07/16/18  (5)
mr. luis (Large Persian Man)    07/16/18  (2)
WLMAS literally believes that "Russian agents" have infiltrated xo mod team    07/16/18  (25)
hello i am Large Russian Man, please direct me to your POTUS    07/16/18  (1)
Kavanaugh benching 225 with a rusted barbell on his lawn, no spotters    07/16/18  (3)
Google Docs leak in Russia expose troll factory "manual." Lol HoldUpHoldUp    07/16/18  (16)
Why has someone not combined the Kavanaugh & baby goldstein memes yet?    07/15/18  (2)
backspace | holdup | arkan | ALL FUCKING RUSSIANS lmao    07/15/18  (60)
*shotguns every fucking faggot who has ever poasted a "baby goldstein" thread*    07/15/18  (21)
Wife made me watch "Walk, Don't Run" (1966). It's a 180 movie, bros    07/15/18  (1)
sings "Babyyyy... Bayby Goldstein" to Davy Crockett theme song tune    07/15/18  (16)
Sharp Objects is the best HBO show since True Detective season 1    07/15/18  (4)
Can we get a list of threads TRM (the Russian mod) has garbaged?    07/15/18  (3)
13-year-old girl beheaded after seeing grandmother killed in Alabama cemetery    07/15/18  (108)
Bikini pics of Croatian president are absolutely revolting. WTF (pics)    07/15/18  (29)
are we insane if watching anything besides Japanese pro wrestling    07/15/18  (3)
Libs enact new campaign to scare away refugees (pic)    07/15/18  (1)
Mustaches are coming into fashion now    07/15/18  (15)
Historically important poster taking questions on mr. jinx, Australia, Pattaya    07/15/18  (3)
the more you think about it, the baby goldstein was genius on so many levels    07/15/18  (2)
*Japanese pro wrestling announcer introducting Bukku "Za Kurabbu" Pauretto*    07/15/18  (18)
remember when Mitsubishi tried to market itself to shithead ravers?    07/15/18  (10)
what are some prestigious medium/smaller cities    07/15/18  (75)
Peterman poasted a touching YouTube video    07/15/18  (1)
I can feel it in my bones; Trump will win    07/15/18  (43)
Christopher Robin to tinder strange: ay baby let me take u to the 100 acre wood    07/15/18  (2)
Adventure Is A Wonderful Thing (winnie the pooh movie scene)    07/15/18  (3)
White Girl Sexting Masterman Here, sup. Taking ?s about sexting White Girls ITT.    07/15/18  (50)
Is this a Good PS4 Library?    07/15/18  (3)
will give someone $5 of crypto to snort a line of toast crumbs on tinychat    07/15/18  (1)
Fun video of Antifa getting pepper sprayed, arrested, lit TF up with paintballs    07/15/18  (13)
RATE this condo in MFH for only $349,000    07/15/18  (54)
Putin killed the 'Pussy Riot' girls    07/15/18  (2)
All of you Dorks putting in 15-20 hours this weekend for Octopath Traveller    07/15/18  (3)
ITT: We share our favorite Anime and Mangas    07/15/18  (5)
If your not cutting yourself to dull the pain of existence your completely insan    07/15/18  (1)
Libs hate free speech bc it enables 180 memes like baby goldstein.    07/15/18  (5)
I think this bort needs more Winnie the Pooh threading    07/15/18  (3)
i 100% support the murder of abortion "doctors"    07/15/18  (9)
Supreme Court voting 5-4 to send Ginsburg, Kagan, Sotomayor, Breyer to the chair    07/15/18  (7)
Lol at anyone who watched any Star Wars movies after the second prequel    07/15/18  (1)
more peopel are realizing TV is a GC lib brainwashing machine    07/15/18  (29)
"I call him Drumpf," said the proud, ugly male lib to his obese blue-haired date    07/15/18  (59)
HuffPo: There may or may not be tape of Trump doing something in an elevator    07/15/18  (3)
Grim and gritty Winnie the Pooh reboot    07/15/18  (6)

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